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AODA Training

This course is ideal for Ontario organizations that have obligations under the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA).

AODA Training is our most popular workshop. During this highly interactive and informative session, learn what your organization must do to meet its obligations under the AODA.

Or let us design a course customized for the needs of your organization.


The course is structured around these (or similar) questions:

  1. What is the AODA, and how do its requirements impact my organization?
  2. What are AODA standards?
  3. How prevalent is disability, now and in the future?
  4. How do disabilities arise?
  5. What is accessibility?
  6. What are barriers?
  7. What is accommodation?
  8. What are your legal requirements?
  9. How are employees with disabilities accommodated?
  10. How do you provide service to customers with disabilities?

Course duration

1 - 3 hours.

Longer sessions are more interactive and experiential than shorter ones. We can include, for example: slide shows depicting different kinds of barriers (physical, architectural, informational, political), "barrier hunt" exercises, demonstrations of assistive technologies, and learning disability simulations.

A one-hour session makes a great lunch-and-learn program.

Comments from participants

To host this course...

To discuss hosting this course, email Alan Cantor, or telephone 416-406-5098.